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Act out division problems with counters. For example, Brad has 12 rabbits. He puts the same number of rabbits into each of 4 cages. How many rabbits does Brad put in each cage?

Roll 2 number cubes and homework third grade math the fact families. For example, for rolls of 4 and 6, write: For example, 5 X what number? Locate numbers in catalogs or newspapers, then practice rounding them to the nearest tens and hundreds. Make records of important times of the day wake-up, dinner, going to school, getting home from school, etc.

Calculate elapsed time by finding out how long it takes to complete daily activities soccer practice, homework, take a shower, etc.

Fact Fluency Quick Quiz 5 min 2. Whole Group Lesson 25 min 3. I also homework third grade math to work in more time for fact fluency practice, homework third grade math though I do include some weekly fact practice during math workstations. I used the Engage NY lessons this year, and they worked perfectly for this schedule. Most of the lessons take about 25 minutes or less, so I do those as a whole group, and then during our guided math groups, we review what was learned and do some guided practice with the concept.

Third Grade

Engage NY has Problem Sets, which we also worked on during our small groups. With my low group, I would usually do some remediation to help them to understand the lesson and with my high group I would extend the lesson to make it more challenging. Each student was given a homework third grade math pocket folder to keep their homework third grade math and any other papers that they would use for math. I used These folders also had a small pocket, which was great for keeping additional math tools like rulers, fraction strips, clocks, or other manipulatives that we might need.

3rd Grade Homework

Before the start of each rotation, I would set the timer to 20 minutes. This helps students to keep track of their own time and also helps me to stay on task with my group! How to write a introduction paragraph for a narrative essay can purchase the one pictured here from Amazon. Just click on the image to purchase! I don’t know about you, but I have very limited wall space in my classroom for displaying charts and things.

Therefore, I did not homework third grade math a cumbersome rotation board that we only would use once per day taking up prime real estate. So, I created a powerpoint slideshow, which I homework third grade math during math on my interactive white board. It online english essays also be displayed on any computer screen or simply printed out on paper and displayed.

These are the powerpoint slides that I display.

But if you homework third grade math want the board My group meets me in the large carpeted area of my classroom, where we would all sit on the floor in a semi-circle. This gave us plenty of space. Students would bring their math folder, a pencil and a clipboard.

We would begin by going over the previous day’s show my homework hgs have her read each problem out loud slowly and carefully so she can hear the problem and homework third grade math about what is being asked.

This helps her homework third grade math down the problem and come up with problem-solving strategies. Highlight Real-Life Math Problems Continue to find as many opportunities as possible to highlight math problems in real life. Measuring cups provide an especially good opportunity for your child to familiarize herself with the concept of fractions that she is leaning about in school.

3rd Grade Math

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